generating an empty vector!

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Hi DK,
I agree. common Kozak being (G/A)NNATGG
Whats that "putative transcriptional start" after 3' end of CMV promoter?
TAG is amber codon..i dont get this!!


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> >Hello,
> >as far as remember, pcDNA3.1 does have a putative transcription
> start..wont
> >that make sure that tags are expressed even in empty vector which has got
> >self ligated..
> No, it won't. The plasmid lacks *translation* start (that needs to be
> supplied with a cloned gene).
> Off topic note:
> Which means that if only ORF, without any extra sequences is
> cloned, the immediate sequence upstream of the AUG will be
> GCCCTT - don't think it it fits Kozak consensus very well. So,
> likely relatively poor expression levels can be expected.
> DK
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