Anyone has tried a simple vector for Agro mediated Arabidopsis

Michael J. Prigge via (by mprigge from
Wed Jul 16 12:21:34 EST 2008

pBluescript, pUC, pGEM, etc. will not work directly, of course, as  
they lack T-DNA border(s) and Agro-compatible origins of  
replication.   Being a postdoc from a transformation lab, I'm assuming  
that you'd know that though.  Are you wondering if you can clone these  
things into pBluescript, pUC, etc. along with the promoter:reporter?   
If so, you probably could, but it'd be a lot easier (and more easily  
comparable to others' data) to use any one of the multitude of  
existing vectors.

> Hi
> Is it right to use a simple cloning vector for Agrobacterium  
> mediated floral dip transformation to verify promoter strength by  
> transient expression. Has anyone tried it. Pl reply
>  With best wishes,
> V.Arunachalam
> Sr Scientist Horticulture
> Genetics lab. CPCRI Kasaragod 671 124 Kerala
> DBT Postdoctoral Fellow Genetic transformation Lab.
> ICRISAT Patancheru 502324 AP
> India

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