Protocol for identification of unknown bacteria

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Fri Jul 18 21:36:36 EST 2008

"Justin Baiardo" <justin from> writes:

> Mr. Coutts-
> My name is Justin Baiardo and I teach microbiology at a high school out here
> in New Mexico.
> I read your post on regarding a protocol for bacterial
> identification through 16S PCR and then electrophoresis to compare banding
> patterns of 'unknowns' that i will supply the kids to knowns that we have in
> the lab.
> 1. I would like a protocol for how to do this.  I have heard that the haeIII
> restriction enz is a good one to use.
> 2. I dont know how to get 16s primers.  I've done searches on the internet
> and I cant seem to find them.  I have heard that the BSF-343 and BMB-C are
> good ones to use.
> 3. I dont need to sequences, just PCR, restriction digest, then run the
> gels.

Here's a list of references and primers for 16S sequencing:

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