statistical question on sequencing project

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Sun Jul 27 07:46:28 EST 2008

Dear Experts,

stupid scientist wants to quantify some gene expression in his samples
with pyrosequencing. The technology he plans to use offers him the
possibility to identify a certain number (N) of transcripts per sample
(at least 10.000).

He has some ideas on how many different transcripts there might be
(about 100) in one sample. Now, he is looking for a method that tells
him how to calculate the number of sequences he has to obtain per
sample in order to identify transcripts of which the expression is
different from sample to sample.

Example: If there is a transcript present at 1% in one sample, how
many transcripts does he need to identify and count in order to detect
a change in its relative expression of e.g. 100% (i.e. presence of 2%
or 0.5% in another sample with a certain probability (say p<0.05)?

Looking forward to your suggestions (textbook, paper, weblink, how
this statistical problem is named etc.)


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