Proliferation assay in suspension cells

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Dear Scott
Thanks for your reply.  How do you use MTT in suspension cells?  My underestanding is that I would have to spin down the cells each day to be able to add MTT.  Wouldn't that cause loosing some of the cells and making the test unreliable, especially in the case of wells with very low number of cells (<1000) in which cell pellets would be hardly visible after spinning?
Thanks again.


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MTT can be used for suspension cells, i use Nalm6 cells regularly for MTT assays, i find the 96 well plates with the more concave well works better.


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Hi and thanks to everyone who have been helping me so far. I am in trouble again. I need a protocol for proliferation assay in cells that grow in suspension.  The method that is used in our lab is MTT assay which is as I underestand for adherent cells.
Thanks Laleh

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