DNA isolation using Trizol

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Tue Jun 10 21:43:17 EST 2008

I=92ve been trying to isolate RNA and DNA from the same sample (tissue cult=
ure fluid spiked with viruses) and, while RNA isolation seems to be working=
 fine, I don=92t recover any viral DNA that I originally put into the sampl=
e. According to the protocol supplied with Trizol (Invitrogen), DNA should =
be precipitated by ethanol and pelleted by centrifugation at 2,000 g for 5 =
minutes, following several washes with the same centrifugation speed to rec=
over the DNA pellet. The recommended speed of the centrifugation seems very=
 low, so if those of you who use Trizol could tell me whether or not they s=
tick to the recommended protocol, I would be grateful=85

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