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Tue Jun 17 14:30:32 EST 2008

Am 12.06.2008, 04:53 Uhr, schrieb sheelu <gauravgene from>:

> Dear all friends:
>        I have found two papers published in Nature & Science, the name
> of which
> are "How biotech can transform biofuels".(Nature biotechnology (2005
> feb ) 26(2), 169-172; and another one is
> "Fuel ethanol from cellulosic biomass" (Science 1991Mar 15:251(4999):
> 1318-1323, I think
> this paper would be great help to me.So anyone of here can help me to
> get it?

One method is to go to your library. If they do not have it, they can  
order a copy for you by interlibrary loan (not cheap though).

The second method is to contact the authors and ask for a reprint. Their  
affiliation you get from the usual search tools, e.g.  
or PubMed. Use email and you usually get an electronic copy within a few  
days. Exchange of reprints is a time-honored way of scholars to keep in  

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