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> Traditionally, for reasons I am not quite sure about, we use
> Invitrogen's TOP10 cells for all routine cloning. There is one
> serious problem with this strain, however. Cells grow too slowly.
> E.g. to get a decent size clone, plates need to be incubated
> 24 hours. In a typical overnight (4 pm - 9 am), clones are too
> small.  Also, "short" overnight liquid cultures are not saturated,
> resulting in low plasmid yields. This is becoming a problem
> when we want to work fast and not waste time waiting for the
> bugs to grow. .
> So I am looking for alternatives that offer:
> 1. High transformation efficiency (both chemical
> and electroporation).
> 2. Low level of recombination.
> 3. High plasmid yields and quality of DNA minipreps.
> 4. Fast growth.

I like DH5alpha for my routine subcloning and plasmid prep needs.


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