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On Thu, 26 Jun 2008, DK wrote:

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> >> To strip westerns, I use Re-Blot Mild Antibody Stripping Solution (Chemicon
> >> #2502). It's extremely simple and effective, especially when re-probing for
> >> phospho-proteins.
> >
> >You may have that cheaper: just use 10mM or 100mM NaOH. (mild or
> >strong variant). It's  not really a secret - just read the included
> >MSDS *^_^*
> For many years now, I've had the idea of starting a web site that would
> list compositions of companies' proprietary reagents and suggest cheap
> generic alternatives. Simple things like Quik Solution (DMSO), Mild
> Antibody Elution Buffer (3.6 M MgCl2) and such. It does not even have to
> be precise - educated guesses, supported by evidence and references
> would also be very useful (such as Qiagen's secret buffer compositions,
> a subject of many posts here over the years) .
> These days, Wiki format would seem to be the most logical and convenient
> way to go. But I am too clueless on how to host a web page and too lazy
> to learn.
> Anyone wants to start one???

Ask and ye shall receive:

You have to register, but it's no huge deal. Now, get in there and reveal
some secrets!


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