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> >Note that in the case of some fluorescent proteins, there's also a risk of
> >oligomerisation artifacts: wildtype FPs (all or just some) are tetrameric
> Happily, not the classic Aequorea GFP. That one only forms weak dimers
> that are detectable only at high concentrations.  Even in many crystals
> such a dimer is not observed.

Ah! I didn't realise that, thanks and apologies.

> >There is a relatively new alternative to GFP for fluorescent tagging of
> >proteins in live cells in the shape of the FlAsH/ReAsH system:
> >
> >
> >
> >Basically, you put a magic tag on your protein,
> The magic tag with two exposed Cys is a subject to many crosslinking
> artifacts. Probably not a problem for most cytoplasmic proteins
> (reducing environment) but must be a huge problem for anything that goes
> through secretion pathway.

Yes, i assume it'd be a complete non-starter for anyhing outside the


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