"freeze and squeeze" DNA extraction

Dunowska, Magda via methods%40net.bio.net (by M.Dunowska from massey.ac.nz)
Sun Mar 16 04:49:48 EST 2008


Sorry to revisit the subject - I have just gone through the archives and can't find a description of a method I used to use a few years ago to get DNA from agarose gels. I used normal (not LMP) agarose and TBE buffer. All I remember is that it involved freezing and thawing a gel slice, but I think I was also adding water or TE (can't remember what and how much), heating the thawed gel to either 65 or 70 degrees for 5 or 10 minutes (?) and mashing it all up with the blue tip before centrifuging everything at 4 degrees to collect supernatant. 


I just got back to the molecular work after a few years in a slightly different role, and (surprisingly...) can't recall all the details of procedures that I used to do on a daily basis and never bothered to write down outside of the lab books that are no longer with me...Anybody out there who uses/used a similar variant of the "freeze and squeeze" and can give me the details?




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