LNA transfection!

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Thu May 1 06:35:15 EST 2008

On Apr 2, 4:36 pm, "Andreas Ploner" <Andreas.Plo... from i-med.ac.at>
> Hi everyone!
> I've got a problem, maybe one of can help me. I want to transfect Locked
> nucleic acids (LNAs) into 293T cells. HAs anyone of you expereince with LNA
> transfection and whch transfection reagent do you use? Most publication use
> Lipofectamin.
> At the moment im using Metafectene (www.biontex.com). At the moment it seems
> that knock down somehow works, but I can't find out easily how efficient
> LNAs get transfected- so I'd need some transfection reagent to comapre it
> to!
> Thanks for your answers!
> Andi

Try using invitrogen's RNAiMax or lipofectamine 2000. It produces
better results.


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