ethanol precipitation

yan sun via (by yansun2005 from
Fri May 2 14:50:48 EST 2008

Dear all,
I did spin label DNA experiment.
I mixed my modified DNA with spin label material in DMF and fomamide
solution. I get 100% label efficiency. (the analytical gel shows that there
is only one spin  label DNA band).
I was wondering how to purify my spin labeled DNA?  My other site spin
labeled DNAs are not 100% spin label efficiency, so I RUN  big PAGE gel, and
use elutor to purified my target spin labeled DNA. during this process, I
lose quite amount material. that is why I don't want to run big gel this
I made a research. looks like ethanol precipitation works.
anyone have experience, please feel free to share.
option 2. can I use freezing dry method?

Thx a lot!!!

Y. F.S.

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