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after battling with same problem I was finally able to get good quality DNA 
for any downstream application.
methods bellow worked well for removal of sugars and subsequent isolation of 

Manning, K. (1991) Isolation of nucleic acids from plants by differential
solvent precipitation. Anal. Biochem. 195: 45-50

or/and by using MasterPure Leaf DNA extraction kit (Epicenter Technologies)

you can also look at detailed method at
http://etd.lsu.edu/docs/available/etd-1027102-193854/ page 49.



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>I am working wth okra(Bhendi).  As we all know that bhendi will be having
> lot of mucelage.  It became a big problem for DNA extration.  And llso for
> protein extraction for ELISA.   Please if anybody have any information
> related to this please share with me.
> Thanx in advance
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