protein extraction from gel

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Mon May 26 07:35:55 EST 2008

Am 22.05.2008, 11:25 Uhr, schrieb crivera <crivera from>:

> to purifiy an enzyme, i try different methodologies (Chromatography:HIC,
> GF,IC), now im  looking for a protocol to extract proteins from gel, I  
> saw the message on internet about elute protein from gel, could you  
> >please send me the refrence or protocol to do it.

This method has only limited applicability for enzyme isolation, as most  
electrophoretic methods - in particular SDS PAGE - work with denatured  
proteins. You could however try methods designed to keep the protein  
happy, e.g. Blue native or CTAB PAGE, the latter of course without  
SH-reagent in the sample buffer.

In principle, you cut the band out of the gel (blue native PAGE is nice as  
you do not need to stain), homogenize the slice (passage through 27G  
needle or Dounce homogenizer) and place the bits onto a piece of Muller  
gauze into a tube with buffer. The end of the tube is closed with dialysis  
membrane. Electrical current drives the protein toward this membrane.  
Several manufactureres, e.g. BioRad, offer equipment to do that, check  
their catalogue.

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