Questions about protein quantification - from the industry perspective

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Mon May 26 08:12:09 EST 2008

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum skrev:
> Am 26.05.2008, 03:54 Uhr, schrieb Trond Erik Vee Aune 
> <trondaun from>:
>> I need a tag that can be used N-terminally to quantify expression of 
>> its fusion partner - ideally in vivo. I was thinking about GFP, or one 
>> of its derivates, but I think this protein might be patented. I've 
>> tried searching for relevant patents without success. Can anyone 
>> confirm that I need a license for the use of GFP (or any of its 
>> derivates) for industrial gene expression quantification?
> Check with the companies that sells you the vector. Usually the price 
> for the vector already covers a licence to whatever IP rights are 
> attached. If not, they will probably be happy to negotiate your needs 
> with you - against an appropriate fee, of course.

What I need is a tag to be used in our own expression vectors for in 
vivo quantification of gene expression. I was thinking about GFP but I 
am afraid that commercial use of this protein is patented. So, 
disregarding GFP, what other cheap alternatives are there? It might 
easily be so that licensing GFP for our use is the least expensive 
alternative, but I won't go for this solution before giving it a lot of 
thought ;).

I've also heard that it is not straight-forwarding using GFP for 
quantification of expression. Anyone has and thought or experiences on this?

Trond Erik

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