Hydroshear DNA

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> > Hello guys,
> > I need some expertise in random DNA fragmentation. I was thinking of
> > hydroshearing DNA by passing trough syringe. Does anyone know the
> > diameter of the needle needed to shear the DNA? is there better
> > methods? - any experience is greatly appreciated.
> > Thanks,
> > Peter
> We used to "autoclave" (actually using a standard kitchen pressure cooker)
> wheat genomic DNA to fragment it. This was many years ago in another life
> and I have never tried that again. I can't remember the size range we
> obtained... but if you don't have a sonicator available (which would be the
> best option) it should be a simple thing to try and see if it suits you. I
> suspect you may find most of it is above the 0.5-2kb range you wish... but I
> just don't remember.
> Jose

Boiling (denaturing) is not an option, sorry. I need to clone, make

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