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> What I need is a tag to be used in our own expression vectors for in 
> vivo quantification of gene expression. I was thinking about GFP but I 
> am afraid that commercial use of this protein is patented. So, 
> disregarding GFP, what other cheap alternatives are there? It might 
> easily be so that licensing GFP for our use is the least expensive 
> alternative, but I won't go for this solution before giving it a lot of 
> thought ;).
> I've also heard that it is not straight-forwarding using GFP for 
> quantification of expression. Anyone has and thought or experiences on this?

GFP is an extraordinarily stable protein - which may compound your

How about using beta-lactamase?  Here's the original reference from
Roger Tsien's group - <>

Since that publication, others have used beta-lactamase fusions to
measure gene expression in live mammalian cells.

And now, there are reagents to do this via flow cytometry ...

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