can i use EDTA instead of TEMED for SDS PAGE ?

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Indeed, Dima, We did a research paper that basically traced the history of
electrophioresis and its biophysical principles. These days, one may
obtain a PhD in protein chemistry without so much as ever running a PAGE
(there are commercial outfits now for those sorts of "minial labor").

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>>Before we could pour a single acrylamide gel (tube gel at that time) in
>>one of my early graduate labs (I was fresh out of my undergad), our
>>supervisor made us research and jointly write a short paper PAGE.
>> Although
>>my friend and I were not too thrilled at that time, in retrospect I am
>>immensely thankful for that.
> Did it involve the understanding of how discontinuous EF works?
> I have yet to meet a graduate student that was taught it.
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