Polaroid 667 instant films replacement?

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if anyone know, it would be folks at B&H photovideo in new york. 
I did a quick search at their website, and only product that seems similar 

            Fujifilm FP-3000B Professional Instant Black & White Film ISO 
3000 (3.25 x 4.25", Glossy) Single Pack (10 exp.)

            Mfr# 15200772 . B&H# FUFP3000B

            Price: $ 7.99

you may check with them if it will fit your camera. unfortunately its out of 
stock, but hope not out of business.
good luck

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> Hi folks,
> just got a note that Polaroid will discontinue all their instant film
> products that fit in our camera we use for taking pictures of gels.
> Is there any other product that may replace these (eg 667) films and
> fits into that camera?
> I know it reads a bit oldish, but my people still prefer it over a
> (homemade) assembly made of a videocam and a video printer, even
> though that this is just a few cents per print, as the quality of the
> polaroids is simply better. I also do not want (means: I cannot) spend
> some 5000 bucks on a dedicated geldoc system (we make about 250 prints
> per year maybe, if at all).
> Thanks and regards,
> Wo 

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