Extracting DNA from Bones

wmisaki from med.mak.ac.ug via methods%40net.bio.net (by wmisaki from med.mak.ac.ug)
Fri Nov 21 07:45:41 EST 2008

Dear Scarr,
I read your memo online about a problem you faced time back on extracting 
DNA from bones. I have a similar case(30 years old) except that they were 
not in water as your case. Similarly, there are potential relatives(son) 
that are willing to offer a reference sample. 

I looked over the internet for a facility that could offer such specialised 
services but could not find any. 

I am wondering, could your memo have yielded useful results? Can you help me 
with this ? 

Misaki, Wayengera PhD
Division of Human and Molecular Genetics
Department of Pathology-Makerere University
P o Box 7072Kampala, Uganda.
TeL: +256782450610
Email: wmisaki from med.mak.ac.ug

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