protocol for liposome preparation

michael nelson via (by gnomenm from
Sat Nov 29 13:16:18 EST 2008

Hey, guys,

I have some difficulties preparing for clear liposomes solutions. Here is what I did, please advise.

 I start off with 0.1g/ml phosphatidylcholine chloroform solution. I then move it into a round bottomed flask and dry it in a rotary evaporator. However, instead of getting thin films on the surface, what I end up with is a large chunk of light yellowish solid. Does that mean I have to use a larger volume of organic solvent?

I then dissolve them into buffer and sonicate. Finally, I got some milky suspension. I assume they are multimellar vesicles. My advisor told me that I could sonicate to make them unilamellar and make the solution goes clear. I tried, but didn't work.

Could anyone here tell me how to prepare the unilamellar vesicles in a clear solution? More details are better.



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