Inert "carrier" for small numbers of tissue culture cells during centrifugation?

Wendy Ingram via (by w.ingram from
Sun Oct 5 03:38:03 EST 2008

Does anyone know of an inert substance, home made or commercial, that
can be added to mammalian cell cultures when spinning? I'm looking for a
"carrier" that won't harm live cells, but provides "bulk" to the cell
pellet when it would otherwise be very tiny. The goal is to increase
recovery when there are very few cells... Hopefully using something that
looks different to cells under the microscope when pellets are
eventually resuspended. I guess I'm looking for the live cell equivalent
of "pellet paint", which is used as a carrier for DNA work. Does anyone
know if there is there something similar out there for tissue culture use?


Wendy Ingram, PhD
Senior Research Officer
RCH Cancer Research Laboratory
Department of Paediatrics and Child Health
The University of Queensland

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