Promotor activity studies

Hannes Schleifer via (by mail.hatti from
Wed Sep 3 08:14:30 EST 2008

Hi to all!

I hope I found the right group for my question/request and that I am not 
harming any rules in here.

I am looking for a reporter-vector for promotor-activity studies in 
mammalian cells and thought of using blue-white-screening (our cells are 
adherent and screening should be no problem). So therefore I am looking for 
a promotorless vector witht the LacZ-gene after a MCS (and poly-A-signal, 
... everthing which is necessary to get expression in mammalian cells) to 
clone our promotor into.

I searched the web and literature and found a commercially available kit 
from Clontech (Luminescent ?-galactosidase Reporter System 3) - does anyone 
of you have experiences with it (and perhaps send me a little aliquot of the 
two vectors p?gal-Basic & p?gal-Control provided in it).

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

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