info abt linker in GFP fusion protein

Itisam Sarangi via (by itisam.sarangi from
Tue Sep 16 10:27:34 EST 2008

Hi all,
I am new to the cell biology field. I am presently trying to tag eGFP to my
protein of intrest in Pmyc vector. I am trying to prepare a vector with MCS
before and after eGFP.

what shd be the minimum length of linker so tht I can see GFP in cell after
which one is better C -terminal or N terminal tagged?
What if I give MCS before or after GFP so tht gfp remains in frame still I
can put any other protein? where can I find regarding MCS

any help in this matter will be helpful.

Thanking you

Itisam Sarangi

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