[OT?] About Planning a LIMS

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Sat Sep 20 16:40:30 EST 2008

Dear experts,

I know this post might be considered a bit off topic for this NG, but
as I feel quite a bit like home here, I dare to start my research

I am in charge of setting up a laboratory data management system
(LIMS) for a new lab. From hard- and software, I may quite freely
choose while it should not be too expensive in the beginning. I am
aware that there is a lot of possible solutions on the market, but yet
I have no real good point where I could start from. When feasible, I'd
prefer open source.

That's why I'd like to ask you for some guidance, please!

The desired system needs to integrate people (concepts, lab notebooks,
reports, references, secure (encrypted) email) with SOPs, equipment
(data, status, alarms) and should smoothly integrate into a server
based network including access from remote locations. It should be
scalable (we start with a small lab and 5 people) and be expandable to
manage stock and manufacturing later, meaning, it must be able to grow
with a company. Of course the data management must fulfill the
requirements for patent applications etc.

At this step, I am looking for hints on basic concepts (reviews, web
pages, books), as well as material about possible topologies and by
what technical means (field bus? LAN? ) to connect lab machines like
photometers and refrigerators to the computer system. I'd highly
appreciate if someone would like to share a personal experience of
such an endeavor!

Thousand thanks and best regards!


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