Setting up a new mole biol laboratory

yoginee budhkar via (by eenigoy from
Mon Sep 22 00:05:48 EST 2008

Dear Friends,

We are planning to set up a molecular biology laboratory from scratch. I am
required to make a list of equipments required for regular use in the
laboratory. We have already shortlisted major equipment like

chemidoc system, RT PCR, 2D gel electrophoresis system, laminar air flow,

with smaller equipments like submarine gel electrophoresis units, PAGE
units, western and southern blot apparatus, speed vac, hand held uv torch,
uv transilluminator, tabletop centrifuge, autoclave,

and other everyday use apparetus like waterbath, pH meter, magnetic
stirrers, vortex, incubator, oven, digital balance and the freezers of -20
and -70 degrees Celsius etc

I need some inputs on whether there is anything crucial from the point of
view of a mole biol lab that I may have missed out... Any and all
suggestions are welcome!


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