missing bands and ghost bands

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Sun Sep 28 18:49:37 EST 2008


The method/procedure , master mix , gels and thermocycler that I am using is the same that my co-lab workers are using. Having said that, my techniques could be the only culprit. I am the only one that cannot get consistent results. I am failry new to PCR.Sometimes, I would be missing bands in my positive control and also I would get ghost bands. Few of my co workers had watched me run the procedure and the only comment I got was maybe the parafilm degraded my DNA bands. The parafilm would sometimes stick to my pipet tips when I am mixing the samples with the loading dye.Other than that, they cannot offer any solution.

Help!! I have been trying to get consistent results for 8 monthss but to no avail!!!

Desperate PCR lab worker

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