Chemically defined media required

megha goyal via (by mgbiotec from
Sun Apr 12 22:06:15 EST 2009

we are currently producing our protein using e.coli w3110 containing puc 18
plasmid having the gene of interest. our protein is temperature inducible
i.e we grow our culture at 30º C and induction is at 42 º C. our protein is
expressed as Inclusion bodies.

we are using complex medium having yeast extract and tryptone with addtion
of trace metals and vitamins during fermentation. glucose is added in
initital stage as well as fed intermittently as per the requirement mostly
durign the induction. the culture grows to an O.D. of 10 [6hrs] and then we
induce it [2hrs] this is as per our technology providers advice.

we would like to switch over to chemically defined media from complex media
so as to increase yield. can anyone suggest how can we go about it as the
media constituent we found on the net gives trace metals content to be added
but not of vitamins. kindly help.


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