Non kanamycin-resistant pENTR vector

Gallois via (by Jean-Luc.Gallois from
Thu Apr 16 03:14:19 EST 2009

Dear colleagues,
as I want to do gateway cloning in a kan-resistant binary vector, I am 
looking for an entry vector with a non-kanamycin resistance.
Ideally, this entry clone would look like a basic pENTR (as pENTR4 sold 
by invitrogen) with a good MCS between attL1 and attL2 but with a 
gentamicin resistance gene.
Although invitrogen has designed both KanR  and GentaR type of plasmids 
for pDONR (pDONR201 and pDONR207) I could not find a similar set of 
plasmids for pENTR.
If anyone knows about such a plasmid or had designed one and would be 
likely to share it, I would be really grateful,


INRA-UR 1052
Génétique et Amélioration des Fruits et Légumes
Dom. St Maurice, BP94
84143 Montfavet cedex, France

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