CMC for SDS?

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum via (by engelbert_buxbaum from
Fri Apr 17 07:47:06 EST 2009

Am 16.04.2009, 15:28 Uhr, schrieb Yuling Li <Li from>:

> Do you happen to know what's the CMC of SDS giving the concentration of
> NaCL of 1 M?

You'll have to measure that, as the cmc is ionic strength dependent. The  
easiest way to do that is described in:

          AUTHOR= {A. Chattopadhyay and E. London},
          TITLE=  {Fluorimetric determination of critical micelle  
concentration avoiding interference from detergent charge},
          JOURNAL={Anal. Biochem.},
          YEAR= {1984},
          VOLUME= {139},
          PAGES= {408-412}

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