phenol in alcohol precip

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Tue Apr 21 16:09:10 EST 2009

Dear Ed,

don't worry. Just rinse your pellet a few times with EtOH (and spin
down shortly to make sure you don't loose the pellet).. If you plan
downstream processing with enzymes, make sure all phenol has been
removed. You might dare to check thesmell; your nose should turn out
to be a very sensitive GC system with a neuronal detector attached to.
Chloroform might not be that good choice, even that DNA doesn't
dissolve in it, (regardless if there is EtOH and or phenol present),
as it does not dissolve phenol as well as ethanol does. You might
remember: the DNA (and other water soluble stuff) is in the phenol
phase, lipids are in the chloroform phase and proteins are inbetween.

Have fun!


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