Genomic DNA isolation from mammalian cells

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>From Whole Blood, Qiagen Gentra PureGene DNA Isolation Kit. This will get Genomic DNA. 
One precaution on its use, fresh RBCs are hard to lyze, it requires washing in RBC lysis buffer and carefully drawing off the RBC layer from the White blood cells. Small levels of RBC contamination at the point of DNA extraction (White blood cell lysis and solubilization) can result in Fe/Heme that
can really screw up the DNA prep. Blood should be collected in Acid Citrate Dextrose(ACD, BD Yellow Top Tubes) and 8 mls is more than enough for most efforts. For blood the kit is reliable.  

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Does anyone have a quick and reliable protocol for isolating gDNA from
mammalian cells?  I  would be interested.

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