RNA extraction from blood using Chelex 100 resin?

Seong Hwan Park via methods%40net.bio.net (by kuforen from gmail.com)
Mon Aug 3 21:02:27 EST 2009

Hi, guys.
Does anybody have an experience with RNA extraction from blood using
Chelex 100 resin?
Because I have a DNA version of Chelex 100 resin protocol, I modified it.

1. Whole blood 250ul + cell(RBC) lysis buffer 375ul -> 4'C incubation
-> centrifuge -> discard supernatant
2. repeat 1 twice more
3. apply 100ul of 5% Chelex 100 resin to the pellet
4. boiling for 20min
5. centrifuge and collect supernatant
6. DNase I treatment for supernatant and heat inactivation of DNase I

Do you think this protocol work?
If you have any comment on it, please let me know.


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