storage of isopentane

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Well, as isobutane boils at 28-30 degC (depending on source and
atmospheric pressure :). I'd store it in a tightly sealed glass bottle
which is equipped with a safety valve that prevents the buildup of
dangerous overpressure which might cause the bottle to explode. Store
it as cool as possible in a well ventilated place (the hood or better
a cabinet for flammable liquids), but don't put it in a fridge or a
cold room which is not specially constructed (i.e is EX-proof) to keep
chemicals which may propose explosion hazards. Storing it in a not
tigthly sealed bottle as your colleague suggests, might lead to the
continuous evaporation of isopentane due to its vapor pressure and
possibly the buildup of explosive mixtures with air when there is no
good ventilation. Actually, in what kind of container has the
manufacturer shipped it to you and isn't there any safety advice on
the bottle?

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> Somone in my lab claims that isopentane (2-methylbutane) should be
> stored with the lid slightly unscrewed to prevent it popping open.
> I would have thought this is rather dangerous as surely vapours could
> escape and create a fire hazard, since the flash point is -51C

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