RNase Zap (Invitrogen) and RNase Away (Molecular Bioproducts)

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You guys have summarized the paranoia well.  However, in my experience,
baking the glasswares always worked rather well. Of course, whoever pours
LiqN2 on the Mortar/pestle straight out of the oven has a problem far more
serious than RNase in the prep. ;)


> On Feb 16, 2009, at 6:16 PM, DK wrote:
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>>> Can anyone comment of the  difference(s) between these products:
>>> RNase Zap (Invitrogen)
>>> and
>>> RNase Away (Molecular Bioproducts)?
>> Well,
>> MSDS for both products makes it reasonably obvious that RNAse Away
>> is simply a sodium hydroxide at unspecified concentration and RNase
>> Zap is simply an SDS at unknown concentration.
>> Take your pick. I'd contend that with already clean glassware that was
>> not handled by bare hands neither is necessary. The "RNAses are so
>> everywhere that the only way to get rid of them is to treat everything
>> with some magic expensive solutions" is basically a myth.
>> DK
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> The more one works with RNA, the one more realizes that DK's point is
> true!
> My favorite example of the extreme paranoia of RNases was a lab I
> knew of that baked the mortars and pestles they used to grind tissue
> for RNA preps! So there might be a little RNase on those: far more
> will be liberated when the tissue gets ground! They did go through a
> lot of mortars since these tended to break when cooling too fast out
> of the oven.
> As for magic solutions, I personally use dilute bleach when I feel
> some treatment is called for. Ambion's web site even says this is an
> alternative to their solution.
> Another hint is that usually there is no special need to treat water
> with DEPC. My experience is that 18 megaohm water from a milliQ
> system is essentially RNase free.
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