SOD assay questions

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Thu Jan 1 15:05:44 EST 2009

Hi Alice,

you could add 1M (final) hydroxyectoine (e.g from
or from Fluka by - I am aware of these 2 sources)
as stabilizer. Then do not freeze but store aliquots in the fridge. If
you need to filter sterilize, use regenerated cellulose (RC) syringe
filters, other might refuse to be permeable (ectoines are sort of
funny (???) compunds...). If possible, dissolve the enzyme in the
prepared buffer or alternatively dissolve in 2x buffer and add the
same volume of 2M hydroxyectoine. Ectoine (cheaper, but also a
compatible solute) might work as well.

Another option (without (hydroxy)ectoine) might be dispensing aliquots
into eppis and snap-freeze them in liquid nitrogen. Then store frozen,
preferably at -80degC or colder.

Best regards,

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