adhesion assay

Mohadese DastPeyman via (by molecular from
Sun Jan 11 08:04:59 EST 2009

Dear Dr.Zbigniew Rudzki

I'm Mohadese Dastpeyman,MSC student of molecular cell biology at tehran 
university,I saw your direction to Sebastien PARIS about adhesion assay at 
this site
as you are well experienced in adhesion assay would you please help me?
My thesis is about effect of a herbal drug on metastasis and invasion 
properties of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells.
I want to test cell adhesion assay for this cells with collagen type 2.
now ,as you regarded before,there are a lot of protocols and I 'm wondering 
between two of them  about counting of the remaining cells.some prptpcpls 
suggested adding MTT,and some of them suggested fixing cells with christal 
violet and then lysed cells with triton x 100 ,then read the absorbance at 
your suggestion is important to me,what do you thimk ?which of them is 
better ?
is there any protocol that you accepted it as a standardize protocol?
With regards
Mohadese Dastpeyman
Department of molecular cell biology
Tehran University of  Sciences,

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