Conversion of kda into grams

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Hi Raghu,
1 kDa corresponds to 1000 Dalton; 1 Dalton is 1/12 of the molecular mass
of the C12 isotope. 1 Dalton therefore is 1.66053878E-24 g. Your 50 kDa
protein should therefore have 8.3026939E-23 g. If you take this times
1000 (0.1%), then you have 8.3026939E-19 g of your protein in that cell.
This is equal to 8.3E-4 fg.

If you don't mind, please try to improve your expression. BCause
otherwize no1 can undastand ya. And as this is a scientific forum ( NOT
A CHAT OR AN SMS ), you should try to speak like a scientist, right?

By the way, even if I don't recommend Wikipedia as a reliable source of
knowledge, you might have a look at:

Best wishes

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Hi all members,

               A single cell of E.coli weighs 2*10 raise -12 gms- dry
weight. 13% of the dry weight corresponds to proteins. one protein of
molecular wt 50 kda is 0.1% of dry wt of E.coli. If this is d case then
wats the mass of dat protein in gms. Plz answer this question if
any1 cud solve....

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