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I also agree with the answer below. MW is immaterial, 2fg is the answer!

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> > Hi all members,
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> >                A single cell of E.coli weighs 2*10 raise -12 gms- dry
> > weight. 13% of the dry weight corresponds to proteins. one protein of
> > molecular wt 50 kda is 0.1% of dry wt of E.coli. If this is d case
> > then wats the mass of dat protein in gms. Plz answer this question if
> > any1 cud solve....
> >
>There is too much data.  The MW of the protein is immaterial, and so is the
>% of the dry weight as total protein.
>1 E coli is 2 pg, or 2000 fg
>0.1% is 2 fg as the weighting of that protein per E. coli cell.
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