Ammonium Formate

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How would I go about making a 10mM ammonium formate=2CpH3=2C 25% ACN buffer=
 and then a 500mM ammonium formate=2CpH6.8=2C 25% ACN buffer.  I want to ju=
st weigh out the crystal form ammonium formate and then adjust the pH.  But=
 this may be wrong.  Someone has told me to start with formic acid and adju=
st the pH with ammonium-OH.  This is all well an good for the first solutio=
n but the second solution would (500mM) have way to much formic acid in it =
for me to get the pH up to 6.8.  Not sure how to properly make each of thes=
e buffers.
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