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Dear all!
Thankyou very much for prividing me wealthy info on satellite colonies.

On Mon, 19 Jan 2009 Duncan Clark wrote :
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>>  Just a query! Are satellite colonies correctly defined as slow growing colonies or a daugther colony of nearby parent colony?
>Satellite colonies arise on electroporated/transformed E.coli ampicillin plates when the ampicillin resistant colony's beta lactamase destroys ampicillin in the vicinity of that colony. As there is now no ampicillin in the media around that colony, background non-plasmid plated E.coli cells start to grow, giving rise to so-called satellite colonies.
>It doesn't happen with a kanamycin as the antibiotic is not destroyed.
>The use of more beta lactamase resistant antibiotics such as carbenicillin will reduce satellite formation. I still use 80:20 Methicillin:ampicillin, as I have a very old large bottle of methicillin from before Sigma stopped selling it.
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