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>>We have also used Timentin for the same purpose (it is a mixture of
>>a beta-lactam antibiotic - ticarcillin, and the beta-lactamase i
>>nhibitor clavulonic acid).  Somewhat difficult to obtain without a
>>prescription these days.
> No prescription and reasonably priced:
> http://www.goldbio.com/details.php?productId=266&categoryId=4

Nice.  When I was a graduate student (20 years ago), I used to just 
walk over to the pharmacy at the hospital attached to CWRU, pick up 
a couple bottles of Timentin, and have it charged to my mentor's grant.

Now, I have to get one of my colleagues who's an MD to procure it for
us (on the rare occasion when we're expressing a protein that gives very
low yield).

But it is nice to know that the same combination of drugs is available
without going through this rigmarole.

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