ER special dyes

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Am 10.06.2009, 06:06 Uhr, schrieb Jinxiang Wang <jinxwang from>:

> Dear Colleaguses,
> I am going to localize a protein which is from soybean.Bioinformatic
> analysis indicates it is maybe licalized in ER membrane.Initially I
> would likt to fuse my protein to GFP and check its
> localization.Alternatively I can employe antibody against my protein to
> verify its localization. Certainly the later technique is
> time-consuming. Would you kindly give me your suggestions related to
> special marker dyes for ER or ER-special marker proteins? In addtion I
> know some special dyes and antibody for ER-special marker proteins are
> commercially availabe. I look foward to comments or ideas of experts to
> guide me to select better dyes or marker protein Ab? Many thanks in  
> advance.

check Molecular Probes ( for ER-specicic life-cell markers.  
Alternatively of course you can use an fluorescent antibody against an  
ER-specific protein, however, then the cell has to be permeabilised.

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