Sam Albers via methods%40net.bio.net (by tonightsthenight from gmail.com)
Fri Jun 26 16:00:36 EST 2009

> Check the product sheet that came with the sample. If it was
>> lyophilized from buffer, then all you need to add is water because
>> buffer should be reconstituted along with the lectin.
>> Thanks. Yeah it was definitely lyophilized from the buffer so all I had to
>> do was add water. Sorry for the simple question. Thanks alot for the help.
> If you plan longer-term storage of the stock solution and the product
> specifications do not state otherwise, consider adding an equal amount of
> glycerol to the solution and store at -20 celsius. Because of the glycerol
> the solution will not freeze, avoiding damage by freeze-thaw cycles.
Thanks for the suggestion. I think that storing the stock solution at -20
will be an issue like you said but since I am going to be using the lectin
for only a couple months I think it will be fine to just store it at 4

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