agarose electrophoresis tank @ $10 (aria johnson)

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Try this webpage:


Very simple and cheap apparatus, they even switched EtBr with Methylen Blue! so
no carcinogenic compounds and no UV trans-illuminator needed. Nice

A few suggestions though:
1. If you can use silver wire rather then stainless (you can even use iron
wire/nails but they will build turf with time.

2. If you can afford it get some Agarose rather then Agar Agar, the results will
be cleaner. You can recycle the agarose for a while by re-boiling it. You will
get some background but usually its not that bad (for a while).

You can pour your gel directly in the running box, just place a piece of
Styrofoam on each side, pull it out when the gel solidified, and fill with
buffer. Then put in your electrodes.

Cheap PCR recipe here:

And some more gel ideas here

An PDF of one of the Scientific American "Amateur Scientist" wonderful column

Hope this helps.


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