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You might enjoy this article in the Science Creative Quarterly, which
explains how to use available-at-supermarket ingredients to perform DNA
extractions, gel electrophoresis and staining.
The short answer is: you can use agar, though the band will be a little
blurry, and you can use a blue food colouring to stain the DNA, the specific
name is in the article. Your agar might need to be good and pure, but if
it's just to demonstrate the principal of electrophoresis it's fine.

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> Am 26.06.2009, 13:21 Uhr, schrieb aria johnson <ariajohnson from>:
>  Hi Check this website out for simple tank
>> not sure whether agar will give you the resolution you need for the
>> exercise.
>> Will you use EtBr and UV for visualization? Im not sure what age is 6th
>> form
>> but you may want to monitor the EtBr step or find an alternate way
>> to visualize your pcr product.
>> take care
>> aj
>> On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 6:23 AM, mccraight <
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>>> wrote:
>>  Hi, I am a Lab technician in a school,and we need an electophoresis tank
>>> to
>>> enable our 6th for students to follow a new  forensic science course.
>>> Money
>>> in school is very limited,so I am hoping to make one. Would it be
>>> possible
>>> for you to send me details on how to construct a simple tank,and whether
>>> ordinary agar could be used instead of agarose as this would also cut
>>> costs.
> Agarose for electrophoresis has been purified to contain few if any charged
> groups, which would cause a phenomenon called electroendosmosis. This can
> seriously degrade resolution. Exception: Counter-stream
> immunoelectrophoresis and certain modes of capillary electrophoresis, where
> electroendosmosis is actually required for separation.
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