Dopamine Measurment in PC12

Federico Corti via (by corti.federico2 from
Tue Mar 10 11:09:00 EST 2009

Dear members,

I am measuring Dopamine release from NGF-differentiated PC12. I am using
HPLC with C18 reverse phase column in 10 % methanol isocratic elution.
It seem that after 3-4 times the column get clotted, the pressure go high
and we need to wash a lot with metanol (much more than regular
wash).  Sometimes the injection needle is  blocked and it takes time to
clean it.
Is anyone knows a better way to wash  the  column after meausiring dopamine
from PC12 supernatant?
In my lab. some people measure norepinephrine  from synaptosomes and after
measurment HPLC works well without  problems.



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