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I am working with bacterial protein which is expressed at stationary phase.
 It has  high level of homology with another protein.  Surprisingly my
protein does not show same function with that of homologue.  Even my protein
does not exert same physiological role that homologous protein does.  The
deletion of this protein does not cause any effect in bacterial growth.  The
data base search did not show any fruitful direction towards its
function.  Motif
search also depicts the presence of same motifs as homologous protein
contains. I made homology model of this protein and still I did not go for
crystallization due to absence of proper lab set up.  Can any body tell how
do I find out its actual biochemical or physiological significance of that
protein?  The protein is present in periplasm and C-terminal is attached
with cytoplasmic membrane. Is it possible to predict the probable residues
which can interact with substrate or probable substrate of that protein from
homology model?  Please suggest any biochemical or molecular biological or
any bio-informatics tools so that I can get at least any clue for its actual

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