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> Hi all,
> Thanks for the brilliant advice and this seems silly now but I don't know
> how I would go about lyophilizing a peptide, can anyone help?
> Cheers again!
> Yvonne

A lyophilizer is simply a freeze-dryer, which is a vacuum pump and
cold trap hooked up to a chamber in which the samples are placed. A
Speed-Vac is a lyophilizer in which the chamber contains a centrifuge
and is more suitable for small sample volumes. To lyophilze, just
freeze the sample at low temperature (dry ice bath or -80C freezer),
put it in the chamber, and apply the vaccum.

If you are borrowing someone's make sure whatver solvent you are using
is ok with them; some people are fussy about what goes in their cold
trap. You might have better luck if yo need to borrow to find someone
who is doing HPLC since they are probably already drying down samples
that way.


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